At SOFIE we envision a world where indigenous life is honored and where the diversity of nature thrives.

We recognize indigenous life, both human and non-human, to be a source of ancient wisdom. 

We recognize this wisdom is threatened with extinction and strive to help those that understand it best protect it, so that we can all learn from it, before it is too late.

With the help of extremely generous individuals such as yourself, we act as an educational and fundraising entity to support various projects that are aligned with this vision.  

We believe this will not only help us heal ourselves, but will help heal the world.

To learn more about our current initiative and be part of the movement please visit Houses of Feminine Thought.

The mission of SOFIE is to be of service for the preservation of indigenous wisdom; to give a voice to the voiceless—the waters, the Earth, the plants, the animals, and the ancestors—in a humble and respectful way. It is our belief that all forms of life—human and nonhuman—deserve respect, and that it is our duty to be of service to this ancient wisdom in a benevolent way.

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