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A documentary film project

       ...About an Amazonian shaman…

               ...A tribe’s efforts to learn all they can from their dying elder...

                      ...and a celebration of the extraordinary life and spirit of Tata.

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An Emblematic Story

THE SPIRIT OF TATÁ follows Tatá’s final days—an historic and challenging moment for the tribe as they face losing their beloved elder and greatest living library of spiritual knowledge and power. Surrounded by the ongoing vigil of his family and students, we witness Tatá continuing to share his teachings from his death bed - hoping to ensure the transfer of traditional knowledge to the next generation. This story is emblematic of a story happening around the world—the story of cultures losing their elders while struggling to recover and revive their ancient languages and traditions before they are lost forever. The film aims to wake up modern audiences to the inherent and vital need to preserve, protect and support the continuation of indigenous peoples and knowledge for the sake of all life on earth.

We are grateful to Tashka Yawanawá, Chief of the Yawanawá, and Matsini Yawanawá, Spiritual Leader of the tribe, for their invitations to document Tatá’s last days and for their ongoing collaboration and support for the project. (Meet the filmmakers here .)

To finance this film, we have already benefited from the generous support of our creative team and inner circle of friends and family, as well as a surprising number of donations from people around the world who found their way to The SOFIE Foundation website . Thank you! This support has allowed us to travel to Tatá’s village of Mutum where we were able to film with the tribe for over 12 weeks.

We are now in the post-production stage and are seeking funds for editing, color-correction, music, sound mixing, and translating the native language—and to create animated sequences that bring to life Tatá’s stories and the history and mythology of the Yawanawá. 

Once completed we will submit the film to festivals and hold special screenings within various indigenous communities in the Amazon and around the world. 

All of this will be possible only with your support. 

Please visit us at GoFundMe to support the film.

Visit GoFundMe

Donate to support The Spirit of Tata

Thank You for Your Support

All profits from the film will go directly to the tribe, to be reinvested in ongoing projects that benefit the Yawanawá villages and people. 

All or part of your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.

The SOFIE Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit established to preserve indigenous wisdom.

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