At SOFIE we envision a world where the diversity of nature thrives, where indigenous wisdom is heard, honored, and respected, and where people are of service to all life on this planet and beyond. The mission of SOFIE is to be of service for the preservation of indigenous wisdom; to give a voice to the voiceless—the waters, the Earth, the plants, the animals, and the ancestors—in a humble and respectful way. It is our belief that all forms of life—human and nonhuman—deserve respect, and that it is our duty to be of service to this ancient wisdom in a benevolent way.

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Tatá Yawanawá, at 103 years old, was one of the oldest shamans in the Amazon and was responsible for safeguarding the Yawanawá tribe’s spiritual legacy through the difficult years of colonization and interference by the rubber tappers and missionaries. The Spirit of Tatá follows Tatá’s final days—a historic and challenging moment for the tribe as they face losing their beloved elder and greatest living library of spiritual knowledge and power.

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